Welcome to My New Blog!

““””I am so glad you stopped by! I have been blogging since 2013, but only privately since 2016.  It is time to start sharing my story again, in hopes that someone can learn or be encouraged by my experiences.  Of course, there is also the personal healing that comes from sharing and connecting with others.

My most recent life changing experience was litigating a second round against my ex husband after enduring years of emotional and psychological abuse (mostly toward our children), and harassment.  Our first round, in 2013, ended with what many families would be happy with.  Time was divided in a way such that neither parent had to pay support, and parenting time was divided 60/40.  This wasn’t good enough for the dad, who wanted the kids 100% of the time.  He engaged in a multitude of harassing behaviors, including filing false reports to DCS, the police, and my employer.  He pressured one of our children to lie for him in a number of situations, which had a very damaging effect on the child.  It was actually the DCS worker who encouraged me to litigate a second time (or move far, far away).

The dad hired father’s rights attorneys from an upscale area, and had his day in court to tell all the lies he felt he needed to tell.  The result?  The judge took away his 40% of parenting time, and ordered clinically supervised visits only.  We were both ordered to undergo a parenting evaluation, which included recommendations. All of the lies were exposed, and the truth prevailed!

Unlike the ex, not once did I threaten to “take the kids 100% of the time”.  The goal I have is for “healthy relationships”.  The dad showed that this is not his goal…the judge noticed.

There are no winners in contentious child custody cases.  The children lose before it even begins, at the moment that one of their parents puts more effort into hurting their other parent, than into supporting the children.  Divorce is hard enough with parents who can still get along…

To anyone who is going through child custody battles, my heart is with you.  Document what you see and experience…pray…don’t give up…

I will continue to shine light on the “Army of Angels”…people who have supported the kids and I throughout the battles of the last five years.  Support can come in all forms…from anywhere.  It may be a kind word, or a grand gesture.

Who has been in your “Army of Angels”?


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