Freedom Round 2

I felt free when I first accepted that I had really left my abuser nearly six years ago. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom after being suppressed for any length of time. I felt this again last week when two years of additional litigation came to an end. I have been quiet and patient, allowing the wheels of justice to turn…slowly.

When I think about what just happened, I must give thanks for all the Angels in my life. I know I didn’t blog or respond a lot during this time, and I truly missed it! I love learning from you all, and sharing experiences.

When the weight was lifted, the first thing I did was to take the AoA kids to the beach! It is about a nine hour drive for us, which is not too difficult with technology to keep them busy. Brother kept us entertained with music using “I❤️radio” and “Spotify”. Times have sure changed!

My ultimate “aha” moment, was when I was visiting with another vacationer at the hotel pool. She shared that her son worked for the hotel chain, and told me how much they paid for their room! I knew then, that one of my children would need to work in the hospitality industry. The Little AoA kids are 12 and 9….quite a wait. But….I have a 28 year old who is currently in a job he doesn’t like…oh the possibilities!

The fog is lifting now…I can’t wait to share more ideas!


6 thoughts on “Freedom Round 2

  1. K
    if you look at theme, post without a featured photo does not show who wrote the post or any lead in to post. A change with the theme which I still like but getting ideas for a change. When I have to much to do, I always get an idea for a large project. If you want the same photo used or a differ one you have to use the Featured Photo option. Photos jump out and look good but several people don’t use photo’s. I want to make sure your post are read so check into it. WordPress also offers a free library of photos if you weren’t aware. Have any questions, let me know. I had a new contributor start yesterday she is great and talking to another woman this morning.
    I always wanted enough contributors to not need my post, sometimes it bruises my ego but we are in good shape for talent. I want to add a few more with trauma or ? to diversify the group.
    Any ideas let me know. As we know anyone can feel trauma in life. I would love to have an experienced Caregiver on the team.
    I’m chatting didn’t sleep again, health hell.


    1. I think I finally figured out the reblog secrets! WordPress has changed a lot since I last played around with it. I also would love to see some caregivers on Survivors. I will post my experiences- maybe you could repost some of your blog from your caregiving days to get started on the quest to find others who experience this. ❤️

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      1. Great idea!!!!!!!!!! We are 4 in Sept., hard to believe…..we did it, we knew people needed somewhere, somebody to listen or just share in a post. I’m following several Caregiver/Elderly organizations on twitter and can did deeper, I just started following. I took my timeline down….nobody was reading. I can put it back up on Survivors and see if followers find the info helpful. The followers of Survivors and my site are very differ.
        Thanks for the idea. Think I have a second new recruit, waiting on feedback. Let’s find and reblog some post from caregivers sites in the interim. 🙂

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