A Llama Learning

The kids are back in school! I think this is the first time a school year has started, that I didn’t have some kind of litigation looming over me. I am happy to face each day at work. During the first week, I don’t have kids to see yet. I have to gather master schedules from five different schools from which to build my schedule.

I have been enjoying building up younger teachers, and helping them find resources. In the special education field, much of the time, teachers are given the students who need extra help, but no resources. It’s like special education teachers come with internalized lesson plans. Sure, each plan is individualized, but in a class of 12, it is hard to work to 12 different plans. I’ve been there. I am so glad to be in a place where I can help other teachers feel like they are enough!

I feel beyond blessed to be where I am in my career. I absolutely love working with the exceptional population. I always wish there was something more I could do…which is where I have come to accept that my best is enough.

The llamas are getting around this year. The door in the picture above, is from the classroom of one of my teacher friends who works with our limited English speaking students. I just love when we get a chance to talk.

I think I have just come to a place of peace with my career. Every now and then I get a little twitch nudging me toward getting another certification, or going into administration. The few times I have mentioned this out loud, Little AoA reminds me that SHE needs my time!

What could be more fun or important than that!


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