Out of Shape Confirmation

Last night, the AoA kids and I went to a preseason football game! I hadn’t been to an NFL game in about 35 years. My granddaughter AoA was participating in a halftime show last night, showcasing area cheerleading teams.

See the blue seats at the top of the stands? That is where we were, only on the other side of the stadium. The sheer excitement and enormity of everything barely gave me time to think about the hike to the top. There were elevators somewhere, but the only ones we passed were for employees. Once we got up to the platform at the bottom of our section (where the concessions and restrooms were), it was another 75 steps to our seats.

This is the view of the top of the stands, from our seats.

We made it! A little panting, a lot of sweating, and some legs like noodles…but we made it! We were a bit early, so I did what I do, and encouraged others of my age and fitness group as they also made it to the top.

This was the halftime presentation by area cheerleaders. All I could see was the dress colors and movement…which was very good. Granddaughter AoA was in a black based, sleeveless uniform with a red hair bow.

I love the reminders life throws my way…I have been completely over-cautious and even a little lazy since my knee replacement surgery last May. I’m not suppose to walk or jog as a main source of exercise…only things with low to no impact on the knees. It is definitely time to set some new fitness goals, especially with the amount of activity that I want to be able to keep doing. I don’t need to have a smokin’ hot body….just need to be able to walk up steps in a stadium without feeling like I am going to pass out!

Here we go…


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