Life as a Wild Ride!

I just love all of the activity and excitement that takes place from October through December! The cooler weather seems to give us more energy…

We are on so many journeys right now, that a day to rest is much needed. Brother is finally stabilizing on a medication, and adapting to a home school routine. He still deals with social anxiety to a degree that prevents him from enjoying so much of life, but baby steps are taking place. He is getting out of the house more with family support.

The kids don’t look too excited for BINGO and dinner at the local arts building and cafe.

The highlight of the whole month has been going to a 21 Pilots Concert! It was Brother’s first big concert! Sadly, the two friends he invited (and I bought tickets for), turned on him and didn’t go. We ended up taking granddaughter AoA, and his tutor’s 12 year old daughter (a HUGE 21 Pilots fan)!

It has come up recently, that Brother had been having more difficulty with being bullied and building relationships than we knew about.

Back to the activity….Brother finally had mountains of dental work done under general anesthesia at a hospital. He had freaked out on dentist after dentist until one finally called for this measure.

My big challenge is juggling work with homeschooling and weekly therapy for Brother. Somehow I am managing it right now by prioritizing….my paperwork lags, as I put my students and families as a top priority at work. It all gets done eventually…last minute or days late. It bothers me more than others, because I am…well…a perfectionist when it comes to expectations of myself.


3 thoughts on “Life as a Wild Ride!

  1. Glad to hear brother is better and you have more information about what he was going thru. I don’t know when it changed for me this past year, I started going to bed at 9:00 nothing was worth staying up for and would be there when I woke up. Your challenge is much harder but perfection isn’t found on earth! God Bless. Hugs

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