Star Trek Sick Bay and Me

This week, I underwent a robotic hysterectomy! It sounds so futuristic…

Everything went as well as it could, and I was home resting within 24 hours.

That seems like enough, right?


Just as I rested on day two after surgery, there was a call….it was Brother’s therapist. Apparently, when Brother was not able to go through with the first visit in over a year, the Dad lashed out. The day the visit didn’t happen, the Dad seemed to understand that the mental health issues being worked through were serious, and that we would have to try again with some adjustments in the approach.

A couple days later, he showed up at the therapists office with his step father, who is well into his eighties. Together, they yelled at staff, made some kind of threats (maybe legal threats), and created a scene in the lobby, in front of other clients.

As a result, this therapy group will no longer work on the reunification of Brother with the dad. They are no longer willing to see the dad for any reason. He will still be able to request records, as has always been his right…but no more meeting with the therapists there to discuss Brother…they are done.

I don’t really know how I feel about this. I am not surprised, and actually feel a little validated that the therapist got to see this extreme side of the dad. That is what we lived in for years- never knowing what response would be coming. He must have been really scary for this office to go to the extreme of not taking him anymore, because they were very open to working with him. I saw them go far above and beyond to help heal the relationship between Brother and the dad.

Despite the attempt to rattle my world, the AoA kids and I are enjoying the holiday preparations! Little AoA and I finished most of the shopping before my surgery, so now we are mostly playing. There is always something to wrap, or a new ornament to add to the tree. We are going slowly this year, and just enjoying all the little moments.

I hope everyone is taking a moment to breath this holiday season❤️


10 thoughts on “Star Trek Sick Bay and Me

  1. I didn’t have the Robot and was resting for three weeks, times have changed.
    Knowing he is delusional and possibly violent is there a restraining order or something to protect you and the kids. Brother is home schooled but little AOA isn’t, do you think he’s lost it enough to do something crazy? It’s great they see the side you’ve told them about for years and everything is documented so no he said she said. Reading about what he did hit a bad nerve of mine.


    1. I love technological advances in the medical field! There is not a restraining order- just agreements of no contact or visits with the kids until cleared by therapists. Everyday I wonder if this is the day that he hurts someone. One of my work locations requires me to drive near his house- I have been on high alert a time or two, thinking I saw him driving behind or in front of me. He has bragged about carrying a gun in his car- conceal carrying… I do live pretty cautiously. I don’t advertise where I am and what I’m doing usually until after the fact.

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      1. Yes. It’s similar to childbirth, in the sense that only someone who has gone through it, can understand.

        But even then, there are all different kinds of childbirths. I saw that firsthand as a nurse. So really, only someone who has gone through your particular kind of abuse can fully get it.

        Being terrorized by someone like your ex, especially when there are children involved… and he carries a concealed gun. Yes, I have been through a similar thing. It’s very hard.

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