Having a Blast!

March has been an incredibly busy month in our lives! It seems that every weekend, I have been involved in something; STEM Expo, Destination Imagination Tournament, a wedding for my nephew, and now we are approaching Kelly Clarkson concert weekend! In between some of that, both AoA kids battled the flu.

I am truly finding joy in the journey. My work is mostly fun and enjoyable. I have taken a group of 8th grade students on a college tour, and saw their eyes light up with possibilities! I have watched kids who would rather work alone, come together as a solid group.

Our AoA homeschooling journey is going fairly well. Little AoA is thriving with being able to go at her own pace. Brother is cooperative, but isn’t really enthused about the nuts and bolts of education. Brother has been taking drum lessons and guitar lessons, with my big reason being that he needs to experience learning new things that are of interest to him (besides computer games).

Oh, yes, and it was cookie sale time this month too! We were outside a store on a very cold morning!

I never would have imagined all the good that was to come into our lives back when I started blogging in 2013! I really credit the blogging world for showing me that everyone has a voice…and that every voice matters! I use what I have learned through blogging, as I connect with people everyday.

Thank you for being part of the Army of Angels!


2 thoughts on “Having a Blast!

  1. Love you friend!!!!! Wow, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and the kids. When the negativity and school pressure is taken the kids have become much happier. You/we knew that all along. You fought a tough as journey thru hell but the other side your rewards are good. God is great, he’s been great to your family.

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