Everyday is Something

Yesterday was my first official day of summer! Reflecting back over the last several summers….last summer, my dad had a massive heart attack and actually coded! We spent last summer in and out of hospitals as he was rehabilitated. The summer before that, I had family court drama- back and forth with attorneys in an effort to avoid going to trial. The summer before that, I had knee replacement at the beginning of summer, and spent that summer rehabilitating myself.

The morning of this year’s first day of summer was fine…the kids and I went on a little shopping trip and got some ice cream. On our way home, I called grandma AoA. She had fallen and bumped her head! She spent the rest of the day sleeping and resting with an ice pack on her head. She did not want to go to the doctor or hospital. The AoA kids, Grandpa, and I were on “head bump watch” all night.

My mom hasn’t embraced old age very well. She still tries to do things that her body can’t do. Falls are more serious than when she was young. When I’m home, she acts her age…the minute I leave, she is trying to move furniture and lift heavy boxes. She doesn’t like asking for help. I’m sure I am much the same.

This is me and Little AoA right after I left work for the final time for summer. Year 18 is in the books! Time to do some summer self-care and family-care. Time to replenish my soul and spirit.

Disney’s new Aladdin movie came out yesterday, and I am taking the AoA kids to see it today! It is really neat to share these timeless tales with the next generation. I might enjoy the Disney remakes more than the kids!

Here’s to the start of a beautiful summer!


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