The latest “wait” in the “counterparenting adventure”, is the wait to get supervised visits set up. Brother’s therapist has gone far above and beyond expectations, and gotten Brother to an emotional and psychological place where he is ready to take the next step into supervised visits with the dad.

It shouldn’t be too hard. Last summer, we agreed, in a formal, court endorsed document; on a visit center, along with a second choice, “just in case”. In addition, the therapist gave another recommendation. The next step is for the dad to call one, go through an orientation, and then the visits will start.

Well, instead of doing this, he has gone through his attorney to ask for an agreement to do what we already agreed to do! He has now claimed that he can not set up the visits! I have been successful at contacting all three of the visit centers to inquire about their timelines for starting visits. All of them have the policy of needing to be contacted by the visiting parent to initiate services. I made sure that the dad was given this piece of information by both his attorney, and by Brother’s therapist.

I am very thankful that Brother is in a place where he can move to these visits. Whether the dad follows through and decides to respect boundaries in place, is totally his decision. I have followed our agreement to the best of my ability, and have supported and worked hard with Brother and his therapists, to get him to this place. It is time to move forward now, accepting things we can not change.

Has it been difficult navigating childrearing without a partner or financial support? You bet! I am forever grateful to the Army of Angels who stepped in and became my partners; family, therapists, friends, and tutors!


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