More Joy in the Journey

Today was one of those days that reminds me that sometimes going to work is less work than being at home. I have been a public school teacher for 18 years, enjoying two months of “recovery time” each summer. I knew I would be going back and forth all day to get the AoA kids to therapy and lessons, with little time to spare! We hit the ground running by 10, and didn’t stop until 6. Little AoA to therapy…store to get special snacks for grandpa AoA….home to get Brother and instruments for music lessons (make a peanut butter sandwich to go)….music lesson for Little AoA…home for her- Brother stays at music lessons…Little AoA to her swim lesson boot camp- drop her off….back to pick up Brother…WAIT! We have about 30 minutes before we need to pick up Little AoA from swimming…

“Hey, there’s a man making digital caricatures! How cool is that?!”, I thought to myself, then said out loud. I took some time to enjoy an artist in action! The artist commented on all the different tones in my hair. My “word filter” was off, and I shared with him that I had just had family photos taken with my parents. They didn’t want me to make them look old, so I covered up the gray in my hair with an auburn color. The artist replied,”I see a lot of colors, but gray isn’t one of them.” I responded,”Oh good, it worked!”

Brother wasn’t too sure he wanted to do it, but it didn’t take much convincing…

Even on the busiest days, try to find time to notice something cool! Take a moment to give a little business to local artists!


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