Check Off One Goal, Little AoA!

Learning to swim was one of Little AoA’s goals for this summer. She just finished a two week swim program, where she went five days a week and worked in a one on one situation to learn. She still has a way to go, but from being too scared to pick up her feet or leave the safety of the pool edge, to having Her face is in the water and kicking feet is big! I will be continuing to work with her at our recreation center.

Adding to the fun, we created “Banjo Bear”, who will be traveling this summer with various friends, and sharing his adventures through pictures in his own Facebook group and on Instagram. Banjo is traveling to Williamsburg, Virginia next week with some friends. We can’t wait to see his adventures!

Little AoA and I went to our first camera club this week. It is called,” Life through the lens”. It inspired us to explore the world, and share. We don’t have fancy cameras, but we will be working on getting creative shots with what we have. I found some photography lesson cards on genre, and we will be working through them.

Here is my attempt at creativity- looking at my environment through the lens while waiting for the kids at music lessons.

One of my goals is to help the kids find things that they are passionate about, and things they want to learn, make, or do. When Brother started the homeschooling journey this last year, all sparks of interest were gone. He was in darkness with no joy or hope…just anxiety and depression.

Photography has helped him be able to communicate, and he expresses interest in going to places where he can take interesting pictures. Here are the latest pictures he took from an adventure to The Hermitage- Andrew Jackson’s home:


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