The Low Before Surgery

In our multi-generational home, medical challenges are not uncommon. This week, my dad will have his heart defibrillator replaced with a pacemaker/defibrillator. The procedure itself is not unusual or considered risky. With my dad, the complications have historically come after surgery- water retention, dehydration, and weakness. He is considered a 100% disabled veteran. Once a month, I sit with him for about an hour, sorting about 900 pills into a months worth of pill boxes.

We have all learned to lay low for about a week prior to surgery. He starts worrying about things that are to come, that he may not be able to do or help with. This surgery, he has prepared by getting a new giant tv for his room. I am the designated “helper”, which means that over the past week, I have learned how to mount a giant tv to the wall. Dad and I relocated his old tv to another room, and mounted his new tv. The new tv is pretty fancy in my opinion. I sat with him while he hooked it up and set up the system.

The other thing we did was to drive together to the tire store to check on a noise in my car. Well, I needed a couple new tires. All is well now.

We have had some great conversations since I have been the “helper”. He may not know what to do to help sometimes, but he does care, and has a desire for understanding.

Adding to this, my mom has some heart testing this week. She has had a leaky valve in her heart for a very long time. It is monitored yearly, just waiting for the doctor to say it is time to repair it.

I just want peace for my family as we go through medical challenges. Sometimes, the hustle and bustle needs to take a backseat to resting and relaxing in order to settle the mind.


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