Is it Safe?

I have never thought of myself as a big risk-taker. Nevertheless, I received a risky gift for my birthday. I thought it was cute. I had seen one in use by my 31 year old daughter, and had commented on how cute it was.

I put it in my car, and took off in style.

Then I had to take my 13 year old somewhere in my car. The first thing he said when he saw it was, “Is that safe? Because that doesn’t look safe?” He made comments of fear during the ride.

If that wasn’t enough, I gave my dad a ride a few days later. The first thing he said when he got in my car was,”Where did that come from? It doesn’t look safe.”

I can honestly say that it did take some getting use to, but I feel safe. I don’t think it’s for everyone….just risk takers…living on the edge.

My daughter asked me to start making some for her friends.

Risky business!

Crochet steering wheel covers!


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