All The Projects!

Through all of the drama and trauma of the dark court cloud that hangs over my head, I have gotten quite good at distracting myself from the stress. I create positive stress!

At work, I have completely over planned a year’s worth of lessons and activities. I am teaching my students how to follow interests to direct independent learning. I get as much from it as the kids do! I have been teaching them to use a kid friendly blogging platform to document their learning, and it has worked very well.

Some of the projects that are in process are:

* A History of Cats

* Making and comparing 10 slime recipes

*The history of slime

* Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum”

*Buzzy Kids Craft Booth (a kid run booth at a local craft fair)

*Make an iMovie about cats in space

*Stop motion animation movies

*Black Holes (research and learn to draw)

At home, Little AoA keeps me on my toes with her projects! She has been working on a service project to earn her Bronze Award in Girl Scouts. On top of that, she has been becoming very independent in the kitchen. She also has a great interest in all things Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Dolly Parton.

(Working on a service project)

I think that helping others keeps me moving forward. It is important to take some time for self-care in the midst of service work and outside stressors! Recently, this has come in the form of having a meal by myself twice a month- while Brother is at supervised visits. My go to….

It is almost time to start the cool weather crochet projects…only it isn’t cool yet! We are still burning up in 100 degree heat!

What are your go to projects?


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