Self Directed Learning

I have had a great thirst for knowledge as long as I can remember. I am thrilled to be able to have answers at my fingertips, with the internet.

I am really interested in progressive theories in education and child development. I remember feeling like all eyes were rolling when I suggested that the increasing prevalence of ADHD and ASD may actually be signs of human evolution- adapting to the environment. I believe there is a place for everyone who wants to participate in making our world better.

I love learning about technology that enhances and encourages learning. It has a place in educational evolution. I also promote the idea of self directed learning in areas of interest. I remember my days in middle school and high school. I wish that someone had taken an interest in what I wanted to learn. I spent a lot of time in the library, reading everything I could about human development. No one cared. What a joy it would have been to have a conversation about my interests! Well, that is what I try to do every day now. I make it a point to invest in my students in public school, and my own kids at home.

Today, I crossed paths with an angry parent. She was not happy with the public schools in our area. I shared with her that the main reason I went into public education, was to make a difference. I saw, as a student, that it was troubled. I realized that the biggest way I could make a difference, was to be inside. If I wanted to see a change, I had to be part of the change.

I have seen so many changes in my 18 plus years in education. I have my opinions based on experience. I will continue to promote self directed learning, and encourage kids to follow their passions!


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