Cowboy Up

This hashtag is going around my town this month, as we “light up the darkness”, and bring more awareness to suicide prevention. We start in the public schools- the founder of “Cowboy Up” is a public school teacher, whose brother committed suicide. This teacher just happened to work in the same school as me, and was the second grade teacher to my second child (he is now 30!). She shares her story with local groups and churches, and definitely “lights up the darkness”.

The name “Cowboy Up” is in memory of her brother, who used the phrase frequently.

Personally, I have known the darkness of wanting life to end. When I finally passed through those dark times, I decided to do my best to reach out and help others who came into my life during their times of darkness. It has been 37 years now….I still remember the feeling of complete despair and hopelessness. I remember my step father telling me he would “help me do it right next time”.

If you are in a dark place, reach out to someone….



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