Weeknight Concert

This week, my 13 year old son and I attended a concert in Nashville. The artist was NF. I was just introduced to his music about four months ago by my son. I didn’t think much about specifics when I purchased the tickets a few months ago. The day of the concert, I thought it might be a good idea to look up some details, like where our seats were, and where to park. I found the website and proceeded to scroll through it. The concert was for standing only!

There was a side note about having seats for the disabled, and a few barstools in the back of the concert space. I questioned whether I would be considered disabled because I wouldn’t be able to stand for three hours. I rehearsed speeches in my mind. I planned to get there early and grab a barstool!

As we drove to Nashville, my son laughed periodically as he thought about me standing at a concert. My plan would have to work. I am working with one fake knee, one knee crying to be replaced, and severe back pain that likes to pop up from time to time.

The venue was an old manufacturing plant that had been remodeled and repurposed into an event venue in what appeared to be an arts district . There was a graveled parking lot across the street, and it was free (this was not typical for other events I have been to in Nashville). Again, my son laughed at my expectations versus reality.

There was a line that spanned the length of the building. It was moving at a steady pace. To get in we had to be scanned with a metal detector, identification checked, bags searched, and hands stamped.

As soon as we got inside, I noticed the barstools. There weren’t very many, and people were already using most of them. We made our way to the merchandise, and bought a shirt and hat. Then we headed back to the barstools. I was determined! I was able to sit in the back, with a clear view! My son braved the standing crowd, and got close to the stage. He and I exchanged texts while we waited for the concert to begin. Throughout the night, other “older” people joined me at the barstools. I offered to take pictures for people, and talked about concert experiences with strangers.

Here is one of the most popular songs by this artist.

I did realize that I was one of the older people there. When did this happen?


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