Down the Drain

My 11 year old daughter, “Little AoA”, discovered Mr. Rogers Neighborhood this year. She has been binge watching old episodes ever since she learned about him. She proudly wears Mr. Rogers t-shirts, and would love to wear a zip up sweater if we could ever find one!

We have watched the Mr. Rogers documentary at least twice, and we are both crying by the end, every time. We are looking forward to the new movie staring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers, coming out this fall!

Little AoA loves books, and has already collected several Fred Rogers collections. She is also trying to learn to play some of his songs on the piano, and just loves to sing them.

I remember just loving Fred Rogers when I was little. What a wonderful ministry he started! I see the messages he planted in our young minds, being passed on to the next generation, and it is beautiful.

When I first came across the picture of Mr. Rogers and Daniel Tiger and the drain statement, it reminded me of a song I use to sing to my kids, my older kids(30 something’s) when they were little. Unfortunately, the song I sang made going down the drain seem possible!

Do you remember a show or famous person who influenced your childhood?


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