I Really Don’t Like “Poking the Bear”

I could certainly live without poking bears. I am pretty easygoing, flexible, and adaptive to whatever comes my way. I also take my responsibilities to heart, and believe in trying my best to reach goals. The last year, I have gently prodded the bear that is the ex-husband/father of my youngest two children. I became solely responsible for our kids, after a long hearing which revealed the true effects of his actions on the mental health of our kids. His part was to help with medical costs- 24% to be exact. Prior to this, I was advised not to bother with trying to get his portion of medical responsibility, as it was at 18% back then. With sole responsibility, came medical bills. I have paid them all, with the help of my parents. I have dutifully sent the receipts to the dad, and provided account information so he could just deposit his portion and not have to see or speak to me. Nothing…..

I now sit in the waiting room of a children’s hospital, waiting for Little AoA to have dental work done under general anesthesia. When I was given the bill, I could not believe it- $23,000 to use the hospital for a one hour procedure! That did not include the actual dentist- that was separate. No one could tell me what this covered- except that general anesthesia is around $2000. The final answer I got was to “wait until insurance sorts it out”.

The bear will be poked. He may never support our kids financially or medically, but he will know it is being done. That is his right as the legal father.

This wouldn’t bother me so much if he didn’t go out of his way to cost me even more money by filing frivolous complaints through an attorney.

The abuse continues….it is now involving the withholding of agreed upon support for the kids, and legal motions.

I wish it would end….


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