It’s That Time Again!

Guess where the AoA family is going this week…..

When I divorced back in 2013, one of the first things I did was to take the kids to Disney World. While married, I was forbidden to take the kids on vacations. One time, I had bought new clothes, packed and everything, when the dad threw a fit and forbid it.

I lived in Florida for a significant number of years. My first job was at Epcot Center at the age of 16. When my first two kids were young, we would get annual passes, and spent a lot of time at Disney World. I wanted the next two kids to experience it as well.

I set a goal to visit Disney World during the fall of odd numbered years. We haven’t missed a visit yet! Since we don’t live in Florida, we have to get a hotel room. I had never stayed at a Disney resort hotel until my first trip with the little AoA kids in 2013. Now I wouldn’t do it any other way! It is so convenient and low stress to just book everything through a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations.

This visit is extra special. I am taking my 13 year old granddaughter this time, and it will be her first visit! I had always heard that her other grandparents wanted to be the first to take her, so I just waited. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, so I went ahead and stepped in. She is so excited, and I may be more excited than she is!

There can’t be a trip without drama from the dad. I sent him a text, letting him know that the kids will be on an out of state vacation for a week. I haven’t gotten any response from the dad in well over six months now, and this time was no different. I covered my bases, and sent a screen shot of the text to my attorney. There is never any telling what drama the dad will try to stir up while the kids and I are enjoying vacation. When we were married, I really wanted us to vacation together with the kids. He would never have it. The only time I saw him take a trip, was to drive his parents to an out of state reunion, leaving me and the kids at home. Thank goodness that is behind me!

I can’t wait to write of our adventures!


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