Movie Night!

Little AoA and I are big fans of Maleficent, and have been looking forward to the release of the second movie, “Maleficent Mistress of Evil”. We were able to see it tonight, and it did not disappoint! We will probably go see it again, only next time in 3D, as there were many scenes that look like they would be fantastic in 3D.

Little AoA wore her Maleficent hat to the movie, which was really cute.

I will say, it wasn’t really a movie suited for young viewers, as it did have quite a bit of violence and dark themes. There were three little kids sitting directly behind us, and it was clear that they were not enjoying the movie! So leave the little ones with a sitter, and enjoy!

The thing I love about the Maleficent movies, is that the villains aren’t always who you think, and love wins!

The closing song is just beautiful, and compliments the movie.

So put on your horns, and head to the movies! (3D if you can)!


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