The Lawnmower Man

I saw this on Facebook this week, and it just made me chuckle. To think that 176 people commented about the lawnmower man is impressive. I have asked the question myself, just not on social media. So who is this lawnmower man?

He is a bald man around 45 years old or so, who panhandles at busy shopping area roads. He is usually standing with a push lawnmower, as if he is looking for work. It seems that the truth is, he is not looking for work…just money. He does not want food…just money. Several people have noted that he can become threatening or aggressive at times.

When I see the lawnmower man, I just keep going. He has been around in our small town as long as I can remember. Out of the 176 people who responded on Facebook, many knew his situation. He is well taken care of, and just walks the streets panhandling, for something to do. He is not really looking to mow yards.

From volunteering at various places in our town, I know there are places that help provide for those in need. They keep a database to assist people by guiding them to all needed agencies, and to minimize fraudulent use by some.

But that lawnmower man….

Everyone knows who he is.

Is there anyone in your town who is well known like the lawnmower man?


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