Moving Home

It’s official….my 30 year old son is moving back home! He has been living in Michigan for a few years. His best friend was there with him, but then took a job in California! My son stayed in Michigan with his job, but no other support. I am so glad he will be near the family once again.

He will stay in our tiny house in the back lot, until he gets a new job. His field is computer programming, and he has a master’s degree. It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to find a company in need of his particular skill set. I could be wrong. I haven’t been in the job market for over 20 years- I’m sure it has changed.

I am happy for him to be able to participate with the family. I think his big sister might be a little jealous. I have been so happy about him moving home, when my daughter has been here the whole time. It is like the prodigal son. His little brother (my 13 year old), is at a place in life where he can appreciate having a buddy around who is interested in the same things he is. They have been so much alike.

Our moving date is in two weeks. I am praying for a smooth transition for him, and ease in finding valuable employment.


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