The Needed Ouch

For the last three weeks, my left knee had been becoming increasingly more painful. I was almost in tears several times a day, with radiating pain above and below my knee.

I have already had a knee replacement on my right leg, and I dreaded the thought of having surgery on my left leg. The recovery was very painful and difficult. I kept putting off going to the doctor. I took anti-inflammatories multiple times a day, iced, and used several creams on my knee. None of it helped. It was just getting worse.

I went to the doctor Friday, and expected the worse. To my surprise, the doctor wants to start with steroid injections every three months, until they stop being effective. My knee is at the point of being bone on bone. A life of pushing my limits has caught up with me.

One of the things I miss, is bike riding. With the knee replacement, it just feels like too much to do more than a stationary bike at the gym. When I think back, some of my fondest memories involved a bicycle.

The shot appears to be working so far. I am hoping to put off surgery for as long as possible!


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