Look For the Laugh

Counseling has been part of my healing journey for a very long time. My most recent counselor had a baby this year, and within a short time, decided to leave her practice in order to stay home with her kids. I suspected this might happen. It is hard to go to work when there are little ones at home to care for, and a way to logistically make ends meet.

I met with a new counselor today for the first time. It is an interesting challenge to condense life into one session, but I have gotten pretty good at it. It seems like this chapter of my life started with the divorce in 2012/13. I feel like I have finally gotten to a place in life, where my childhood issues are from another lifetime. I really think the EMDR therapy I did, played a big part in that.

After my one session condensed version of the current life chapter, I received my assignment….a very familiar assignment….TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. I am happy to say that I am doing a fair job of this. I find joy in many daily activities that I do. Not cooking though…not really cooking.

Yesterday, I saw Little AoA enjoy the moment while we were at the grocery store. She saw something that made her laugh, and took a picture.

She is terrified of “Elf on the Shelf”, but loves the movie,”Elf”. Here are the “Elf” cookies!

I cracked up when I saw this:

This sweet dog reminded me of one of my favorite things to watch, a dog herding sheep! This pup needed to feel needed!

To top it off, today, my 13 year old shared a story with me. He plays a lot of games online with others. Apparently, the mother of one of the people he plays online with, actually texted the personal phone of one of the gamers in their group. She called him a “shitface friend”, and threatened to press charges. My son, who has developed the reasoning of an attorney, questioned this. Needless to say, the kid and his mom were blocked from the group at this point. I am glad that my son stood with his boundaries about being threatened. I am glad that we have a relationship in which we are safe to admit when we have messed up. I had him reflect on his actions, and whether he had done anything that would be characterized as a “shitface friend”. I know his online people really don’t know him. They don’t see the anxiety that he experiences at the slightest real life interaction with another human outside his family.

I try to stay current in my understanding of the “connected generation”. I admit there is a generation gap. I can only imagine how I would have been if we had today’s technology when I was growing up!


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