Halloween Funnies

I have grown to love Halloween over the years. When I was a child, we lived in Colorado, and it was usually really cold or snowing at Halloween. We would have to wear our big coats over our costumes when we went trick-or-treating.

As a young adult, I went the “Fall Festival” route, and attended fall parties at church.

These days, I do a combination of things. I enjoy the “Not-So-Scary” trunk or treating and party at my church. Little AoA enjoys decorating the trunk with me, and we have fun with coordinating costumes. We pass out candy and visit with friends. There is also a “Haunting in the District” on Halloween night, when local businesses set up tables in our town square for trick-or-treating. We haven’t ever gotten into scary events, but if we did, there is a haunted woods, cemetery scavenger hunts, and haunted tours of our town square.

I enjoy costumes, looking at them and dressing up. Here are a few that made me laugh…Some are very “punny”!

This one is my favorite! SEAL OF APPROVAL

This one cracked me up! I finished binge watching Stranger Things this summer, and was oddly satisfied.

I don’t have any pumpkins yet for my front porch. I really need to get some soon, so I won’t have to use a basketball!


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