A Week of Halloween!

Halloween is officially tomorrow night…on a Thursday. Kids would love to be out of school the next day, but despite their best efforts, starting a petition on change.org with a nicely written persuasive argument, school will be in session.

Truthfully, it seems like our little town celebrates for at least a week! There have been haunted woods and hayrides for the entire month of October. An old local cemetery hosted haunted nights and scavenger hunts. Churches and schools started having their celebrations and fall festivals a week ago. This week has seen its share of Trunk or Treat activities already, at the local college and hospital…and Halloween is yet to come!

Little AoA and I participated in our church trunk or treat over the weekend. We decorated the trunk like The Grand Ole Opry, with Dolly Parton and Minnie Pearl. The adults recognized us!

For Little AoA, it is her first holiday season with glasses. She can see everything clearly now!

We still have Halloween night to do. We are planning on visiting two friends, and two nursing homes. Of course, we will be taking treats (donut holes were requested) to our favorite nursing home residents! We did this last year, and it was so sweet to see the inter generational interactions.

We have also made a holiday baking goal to learn to make decorated iced sugar cookies. I think we will take a local class…this was our first attempt:

They were tasty anyway!

How do you celebrate the change of season?


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