Thank You, First Responders!

October is when we share awareness for Domestic Violence. There are many hero’s in the background, our first responders. Dispatchers receive phone calls that no one should ever have to make…reporting domestic violence. Our law enforcement officers risk their lives going into unstable situations. They help diffuse situations and save lives!

Little AoA and I volunteered to be cupcake makers this month, to thank our first responders. Our local domestic violence center organized the cupcake deliveries to local units.

Despite all of the trainings and awareness efforts, there are still many who blame the victims. I have heard some victims tell of officers telling them that they needed to obey their husbands. In my case, an officer told me that two-parent abusive homes were better for children than single-parent loving homes! We still have a way to go in educating and spreading awareness!

I am thankful for the officers who have guided me through safety plans, diffused situations that were out of my control, and protected us from potentially violent situations. Our officers may never know the difference their actions really made. They are some of our unsung heroes!


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