No School = Movie Time

Hooray, it is Thanksgiving vacation time! I started my week off by moving my 30 year old son into our tiny house. It needed a little love and attention to feel like home. We still have a few logistics to work out, but he is making it his room now.

After focusing on adult son, Little AoA needed some mommy time. We went to see a movie about one of her hero’s, Mister Rogers!

I grew up with Mister Rogers, and I am sure that his show helped shape who I am today. I love that the next generation is carrying his legacy.


The day before Thanksgiving, we went to another movie, Frozen 2! Little AoA was really into the first Frozen movie, but she thinks she has moved on now. Anyway, I LOVED it! Well done, Disney…well done!

The characters were given a little more depth, and were swept into a new challenge. I was skeptical about this sequel, as I loved the first Frozen, and just didn’t think anything could match it. It far exceeded my expectations.

Next, it was on to Thanksgiving!

No fancy place settings or centerpiece…just a delicious meal with immediate family this year. Everyone was in the same room. Teen son was in the room, but did not eat with us. I consider his presence a positive step. My heart is sad for the anxiety that he lives with, but the whole family has learned to accept him for who he is, and support him where he is.

I hope everyone has had a peaceful week❤️


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