Our Animal Shelter

Today I took teen son and adult son to the local animal shelter to inquire about volunteering to help with the cats. We signed up to go to a volunteer orientation next week. Since we were there, we went to the cat area to play with some feline friends. Teen son froze up and wouldn’t go in the room. At first I thought it might be because there were some other people in the room, but once they left, he still remained frozen. He sat on a bench outside the room and listened to his music while adult son and I played with the cats for a while.

This one was full of energy and ready to pounce and play!

This one seemed to want to be near the action, but didn’t want to participate. I held this one for a minute, and I could tell it was not super cuddly.

There were about 8 cats in the open play room. It was really interesting to observe the different personalities of the cats. While we were there, the volunteer animal photographer came in. He said something that just broke my heart. He said that the cats were all in different stages of recovery from trauma. I understand that. It wouldn’t take much for me to turn into a “cat lady”. My houseful of people is about all I can handle right now, but I am looking forward to returning to the animal shelter to interact with my feline friends!


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