Moving Through the Season

December 23rd is here…. We have made it through another busy holiday season, and now we near the finish line! We have done a lot of fun and meaningful activities, with a lot of rest and downtime in between, because we all get tired.

The Pink Porch is a local boutique store. Our town is doing a great job trying to promote small, local businesses. We have not had a shopping mall here for over ten years. It is an hour’s drive to the nearest mall. We do have Walmart of course.

Little AoA has moved beyond the days of visiting Santa in the mall, but when we find him ringing a bell to collect donations for our local family center, we have to stop! He was at our Hobby Lobby ringing the bell this year!

Little AoA’s Girl Scout troop was very active this season!

We collected food and coats for our local family center.

We wrapped boxes for a local church that was having a food giveaway in our community.

We went Christmas caroling at a local nursing home.

It’s almost Girl Scout cookie time!

We had some fun playing and crafting with the family.

The guys enjoy playing with virtual reality. I tried playing the “job simulator”. It was fun, but there is more money to be made going to an actual job….

We can’t forget Grandma AoA’s birthday a week before Christmas! This year she got a denim jacket, so she could match Little AoA!

There has been so much activity, yet I walk around with the dark cloud of court looming over my head. Little AoA needed a little more time before starting supervised visits with the dad. I’m not really worried, because I have done everything I was suppose to do. Nevertheless, the financial drain is devastating, and all for something that could have been done through an email or text. The dad seems determined to hurt me and the kids any way he can. All I can do is stand firm in the truth. Little AoA was set to resume visits the first of February. The dad was given this information in writing. He still insists that there is no plan for starting visits. I am really done with his lying….it just hurts the kids in the end.

If I stop to think about it, I get consumed in a wave of anxiety.

I can’t fix the dad….I never could. It amazes me that an attorney would take such a case, but then, it’s all about the money, isn’t it?


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