Court: It’s Still Not Over

The much awaited court date was suppose to be this past week. I had to get permission to take the day off as a personal day in order to go. The day before, I could not focus on work, and teen son had a therapy appointment, so I took off to take him there. It was a blessing.

The evening before court day, I got a phone call. We were postponing court until the end of February. The issues that were falsely brought against me were no longer there. The complaint against me was that Little AoA had not started going to supervised visits yet. I had been following the recommendations of her therapist, which was for a gradual reintroduction to visits. Her first in person visit occurred the same week we were to go to court. It all happened as planned and recommended.

I do not understand why the complaint hasn’t been dropped, other than that the dad wants to try to find something else to use against me.

It has gotten very tiresome over the past several years. I feel like I have been living in a fish bowl. I just keep plugging along each day, doing the best I can.

Kids are not little animals to pass around and rule over. They are humans with feelings, needs, interests, and strengths.


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