Quarantine Day 1

Waking up on Day 1 of Quarantine and social distancing. I have plans for today. I am the designated shopper for the family, and today my mom needs to have me pick up her pills from Walmart pharmacy.. I will then be picking up my teen granddaughter from her house. Her mom (my 32 year old daughter) is a nurse working at a local nursing home. My granddaughter will still need to go somewhere when her mom is at work.

We were already homeschooling, so that is not new for us. Little AoA goes to a tutor once a week for an hour. That will continue as long as everyone is healthy. Music lessons once a week will continue as well, contingent on health.

We have cancelled appointments at a health care office in the next county, which has 18 cases of Covid-19.

I am thankful today, that my kids are older during this challenging time.

It has become obvious…. what I have suspected all along…


They already know how to video conference and build relationships while keeping up with social distancing! Seriously!

Everyone please find one thing everyday for which you are thankful❤️

What are you thankful for today?


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