End of Quarantine Day 1 – Reflections

This day of quarantine has come to an end. My mom had to go out this morning to the medical supply store to get a new c-pap mask fitted. She hasn’t been sleeping well lately. While she was out, she went through a drive thru to get doughnuts.

I am the family’s designated shopper, and had to go to our Wal mart to pick up medication for my mom. They don’t have a drive thru. I had a small list of items to get for everyone. Shopping was really a shocking and somber activity. The shelves of food are mostly bare. While I was there, a store employee brought out a pallet of toilet paper. It was gone almost as quickly as it was put out.

After that, I went to pick up my teen granddaughter for the day. Her mom had to work today. We drove by granddaughter’s school to pick up the work packet that was being given out.

When we got home, it was almost time for me to take Little AoA to her tutor. Her tutor had her take off her shoes at the door, and wash her hands before they started. While she was there, I got gas and cleaned up my car.

By the time we got home, it was time to make supper. Granddaughter and I made goulash in the instant pot. A miracle happened- everyone liked it!

A call came from Little AoA’s banjo teacher. Lessons are cancelled until the middle of April.

As the day ended, teen son became very firm with me about my leaving the house. He is very worried that someone in our home will die through all of this. I thought with him for a while. I decided to reach out tomorrow to the piano teacher and therapists, and see if we can meet through video chat. I think it will work.

I learned at the end of the day, that nursing homes are preparing for the worst. There are currently no known cases in our county, but people are just now starting to be tested.

Words that come to mind…..dystopian……surreal…..am I dreaming???


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