Quarantine Day 2

I made a few goals for today, and have new things to look into. Last night, teen son pleaded with me to try to move all appointments and lessons to FaceTime or something similar. I started the morning making those calls. My own counselor is going to do that with me. Little AoA’s counselor has a snag because she bills our insurance, and she couldn’t bill for a remote session. I have to call our insurance company and inquire about all that. Next is the piano teacher and teen son’s counselor.

I found a class on khan academy that I think my public school students would like. It is on Disney Imagineering. I have already sent a link to two of my students through text. My goal is to contact all 20 before Friday.

My mom has a medical issue right now with constipation. The anxiety around Covid-19 had her stomach in knots. It has been two days now of pain and trying all over the counter remedies that we knew of. She has finally called her doctor’s office. I am hoping we can deal with this at home.

My goal for today is to set some personal goals for this time at home. It is so easy to get caught up in the news and social media. I have books to read, blankets to crochet, sewing to do, yard work, and of course organizing! It can be overwhelming! I am use to just thinking about everything and accepting that there is no time left after work, appointments, and housekeeping.

How are you dealing with this new world amidst the pandemic?


3 thoughts on “Quarantine Day 2

    1. Our stores can’t keep it on the shelves! We have to be in the right place at the right time to find it! If it hasn’t happened there already, next will be rice, beans, soup, pasta, and bread. This doesn’t feel real….


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