Quarantine – Day 3

Day three has now come to an end. Little AoA had her first video appointment with her therapist. This was the therapist’s first experience using this technology. It took a few phone calls to our insurance provider before I was connected with someone who knew what was going on with restrictions being lifted in order for patients to access telehealth appointments. Payments can be made through apps like PayPal or Venmo.

After that appointment, I tried using Zoom to connect with one of my students. I found this to be a lot of fun! I had sent my student a link to a khan academy lesson on Imagineering. She had already been working on the lesson, and was really excited about it!

Next was the online grocery shopping. It is still difficult to get everything we usually get, but we will keep trying. As the designated shopper for the family, I may have to cautiously go into a grocery store every now and then.

I came across this article that I found supportive and encouraging. I had not really stopped to think about what unique characteristics that my generation has to help us deal with the pandemic.

Little AoA’s music lessons were cancelled. Luckily, grandpa was excited to devote a half hour to helping her with her banjo. I stepped up and dedicated 30 minutes for a piano lesson. That all went very well.

After supper, Little AoA and I played Bunco and Speed. That led us to doing some organizing. We had a very full day!

I’ve been keeping the tv off during the day, which helps me to stay busy. It is so easy to get sucked into the rabbit hole of Covid-19. I do still check the online updates two or three times a day. It just hit close to home, when one of my dear friends had a family member test positive in the next county. As of tonight, there are no confirmed cases in my county. That seems really weird, since our neighboring county is the second highest in Tennessee.

How are you passing the time? Are you still going out into the world?


Time to rise and shine Gen X!

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