Quarantine Day 4

The town is empty. I wish everyone who can, would just stay home for a while. Our county just had its first set of confirmed cases of Covid-19. There are three cases here. There are 87 tests out still awaiting results. The criteria for getting tested are to have the most severe of symptoms, having traveled abroad, or having had contact with a person who has a confirmed case.

Little AoA got me up this morning. We are making an effort to not slip into upside down sleeping patterns. We tend to all be night owls. Grandma was in a recliner in the living room, and greeted me with, “I’m sick”. My heart stopped for a moment! Then she said that it was her stomach. She was still in constant pain. I encouraged her to see if her doctor would do a video appointment with her. We ended up doing the appointment in the afternoon, and some of her medications were adjusted.

Little AoA and I went out into the world in the morning. Our schools were handing out meals, and we were curious. We agreed that if they weren’t wearing gloves, we wouldn’t stop. Fortunately, they were wearing gloves. They have set up at several schools so that you just drive up and they hand you a meal like a drive thru. After that, we went to the pharmacy to get prescriptions. Grandma needed a couple things that we had to go inside to get. I instructed Little AoA to “touch nothing”, and she did a great job!

In the afternoon, we took a picture in memory of Mister Rogers. Today would have been his birthday.

I then did the grocery run, which was to pick up preordered groceries and stop at the Dollar General to check for those hard to find items. I was happy to find toilet paper and paper towels, and did not hoard! There was no bread today. I think tomorrow I may try to make some bread- something I have not done before other than from a mix. I saw a recipe that doesn’t use yeast- I am guessing that this would be hard to find now. I’ve heard that flour is not staying on the store shelves either. That would be rough.

Our therapists and doctors have all been very understanding and accommodating with the video appointments…all but one. I left two messages over two days for teen son’s therapist. The secretary finally called me back. I asked about video appointments, and she acted surprised. Their office is in the next county up from ours, with the second largest number of Covid-19 cases in our state. I asked if they had been doing that with others. She said,”no, everyone is coming in for their appointments”. I couldn’t believe this! I went on to explain that my parents who live with us, are high risk, with dad being extremely high risk. I told her we were taking every precaution needed for them. We are basically locked down with one errand runner. I was told to call back on Monday morning.

Predictions are that we haven’t seen the worst yet. I found this picture of Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. They have converted one of their parking garages into an extra space for patients. I pray that they don’t have to use it.

I am still in disbelief that so many do not take this seriously.

Supervised visits are another story. I suggested/offered to have the kids do a supervised video visit with the dad next week instead of going to the center. The supervisor doesn’t want to do that, so just cancelled visits until the pandemic has passed and the threat has subsided. Unfortunately, the dad has made a big deal about hating technology and refuses to move forward with the times. He has stated that he doesn’t have email (which is a lie, but oh well), and he uses an old flip phone and says he can’t receive pictures through text. I honestly don’t think the supervisor really wants to sit in a room with him for an hour or more and facilitate a video visit…just a thought.

I made some goals for tomorrow, so hopefully they will keep me from worrying so much. Even in all the seriousness, finding something to laugh about keeps me grounded. Here are a few things I came across today.

How much social distancing are you doing? Has this changed your routines?


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