Quarantine Day 5

The first week of social distancing has been quite an adjustment. I don’t like it much. Being home all day has opened my eyes to how much support my parents need now that they are in the geriatric stage. Today I had to help my mom navigate a call to her doctor to check on a prescription. She had just called him yesterday, but now didn’t have the phone number. She needed help looking it up. I went ahead and added the contact to her phone. Then I had to be the one to explain what she needed, because she wasn’t sure. My mom has been slowing down for a while now, but technology has passed her by now. I am glad I am here to help.

We had a goal to get up by 9:00 this morning. Well, we failed at that one. It was more like 10:30. My mom woke me up, and asked if we could do two screen free hours today, where we (ummm, I) cleaned. She didn’t realize that I do that anyway. I happily obliged with my to-do list in hand. As i worked, Little AoA taught grandma to play Bunko. I got several jobs checked off of my list. There are still more left for tomorrow.

I had to do another run to town for a prescription today. Grandma and Little AoA wanted to come along for a ride. I had them both sit in the back seat for distance from whatever germs I might bring back to the car. We went to an ATM machine, and I used a Clorox wipe to touch all the buttons. We then went to a drive thru- I used a Clorox wipe on everything that I got. We went to the pharmacy, where I went in alone and left the others in the car. Finally, we went to the nursing home where my aunt lives, to drop off some Coke and candy, and pay her monthly fee. At the nursing home, I had to ring the bell, as it is locked down from visitors. When the door is open, I just set everything down inside the door, and tell the receptionist who it is for. I do not cross the barrier!

We ended our day watching The Grand Ole Opry live streaming with only three artists on acoustical instruments. The Opry house was empty….everything is closed in Nashville.

It was sad and beautiful tonight, as Tennessee has seen a lot of heartache over the last two weeks with massive destruction from tornadoes, and now Covid-19.

And to end up, country music lost a great person today. Kenny Rogers passed away last night. I grew up listening and loving all things Kenny Rogers. I always had a warm place in my heart when he and Dolly Parton were together.

Do you have a favorite Kenny Rogers song?


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