Quarantine Day 6

We made it through day 6! My parents, Little AoA, and I had set a goal to get up and watch online church at 9:30. We all made it! We sat in the living room in our pajamas, and streamed our church onto the tv. My parents had not been to church with me for a year or two. It was nice to have them with me. While it was being cast to the tv, I followed the live comments that were being posted on Facebook. It was nice just seeing some of my church friends there. All of this must be really overwhelming for pastors. I can barely imagine the intense emotion that must come with caring for a large group of people. I care for 20-30 on my work caseload, and even that can overload my mind and heart.

I started making a known effort to be screen free and working for two hours a day. I announce that I am doing it, so that everyone knows. I had some goals for today. I set up a desktop computer in our living room that I will use to set up zoom room hours for my students. I reorganized our refrigerator, and pulled some weeds outside.

Little AoA has been grumpy most of the day. I don’t think she slept well last night. Nothing could please her today. I tried to teach her a new game, Dutch Blitz, and she started blowing the cards. We called it a night and put the game away. It looks like it will be fun when we finally get to play it! Little AoA was able to do some of her homeschool work once she calmed down.

It seems like everything has been said about Covid-19. The stores have been raided by people in panic. Our states number of confirmed cases is up to 505. They are only testing people with severe symptoms who have knowingly been exposed to someone with a confirmed case. This does not seem like a very good plan to me, but the powers that be claim that the test availability is very limited in our state, so they must be strict about when to use them. I keep hearing in the news that there is a critical shortage of personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and gowns. There seems to also be a shortage of ventilators. My heart goes out to all of the frontline workers!

I have seen some requests for hand sewn masks. Of course, they are not preferable to the real thing, but many people want them for their families. Some hospitals I have seen online are asking for them. I found a pattern that I will try, which has a pocket in it for a filter. Thankfully, no one in our home has upper respiratory issues right now, but with spring in the air, allergies will not be far behind!

Are you in an area with mandated “Stay in place”?


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