Quarantine Day 8

I’m not exactly working from home, but I am trying to keep up with my students and their families while we are all staying safe in our homes. I have now done a zoom room twice with one student. Tomorrow, I am going to try to meet with a few more. I found a game that I think we can easily play on zoom. It is called Scattegories. I had set my students up on a secure blogging platform earlier in the year, so I sent reminder instructions to them, and I hope they will utilize it. I use to easily be able to email them, but our school system changed all their passwords due to hacking. The new passwords are completely random numbers and letters which most of my students can’t keep up with.

After my “work at home” today, I had school with Little AoA. She is still meeting one on one with her tutor until it is not safe. Every precaution is taken, and it is only her, so we’ll see. Little AoA forgets information so quickly. She kind of reminds me of Finding Dory, the fish with no short term memory. She is identified with borderline intellectual functioning and a learning disability. It has been interesting watching her development. She is like an old soul, especially with her love for old country music. I have never seen a kid so fascinated with artists like Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, and Porter Wagoner! There are more, those are just her latest loves!

While Little AoA was with her tutor, I did the family errand to get groceries. The store has now put limits on items. At this store, I saw limits of one on bread, water, and meat. There was still no paper products available. I hear they are getting some, but it is bought out quickly. There was not much meat to be found. Living in the south, I sadly understood this…

Today was deemed a day to support local family owned restaurants. I ordered take out for supper for the kids.

By the evening, tornado watches and warnings were in our area. Little AoA is our most prepared person. Here is a picture of her hallway tornado kit.

You can’t see it, but she has a bicycle helmet in the backpack. She is prepared!

There are now 6 confirmed cases in our town. More are pending. I see on the worldometer site, that the United States is now third in the world with the number of confirmed cases, behind China and Italy. I am so very worried for the world❤️

Just stay home if you can. I saw this shirt, and it has words on it that my 30 year old has been using for two weeks now. He was about a week ahead of the rest of us, as he was following everything in the news.

I totally respect this!

Sending love to the world❤️


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