Quarantine Day 10

Day 10 has come to a close. My body is readjusting to a schedule where I don’t get up until nine or ten in the morning, and stay up past midnight. I wish I was a natural morning person, but it just never worked for me.

I started with a list of goals. I got a desk painted today, and was able to do it outside! The weather was beautiful, after weeks on end of rain. I tried to do a zoom meeting with one of my students, but he couldn’t get linked, then I lost my connection, so we agreed to just try again tomorrow. I did a piano lesson with Little AoA. Grandpa did a music theory lesson with her. I tried to warn him that her attention span wasn’t that long, but he wanted to try!

Little AoA and I went for a ride in the afternoon to get out of the house. In the evening, Little AoA worked with me to make matching face masks for her and her doll. She was excited to push the sewing machine pedal. She had been playing with her dolls earlier, and dressed them in their “quarantine outfits” (pajamas). She set them up to practice social distancing.

I got a chance to talk to my older daughter, the nurse, tonight. She works at a local nursing home. I told her about the masks, and asked if there was a need for them where she worked. They aren’t filtered, so basically it will just keep a sick person from coughing or sneezing everywhere, and maybe keep a person from touching their face as much. She said she thought they could use them, so we will be making more tomorrow. It sounded like our local hospital was good with their equipment.

Today I had a difficult but necessary conversation with my mom. My dad has left a wish that if anything happens to him during this time of Covid-19, he wants to stay home and pass away. His heart only functions at 20%, so everyday is a new gift. My mom would want to go to a hospital, as would I. We all understand that going to a hospital would mean being alone. This is not necessarily if any of us are confirmed with Covid-19, but anything. All of us have high blood pressure and are still risky ages for stroke.

On a happier note, we have a lot of “Blessing Boxes” in our little town. These are wooden cabinets set up at some businesses, where people can leave food, toiletries, and anything else that a person may need. Everything is free. I am always looking for things like this. I enjoy crafting useful things, and it is nice to be able to share!

Stay Well. Stay home if you can!


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