Quarantine Day 11

Another day has passed, and it was a busy one! This morning we decided to get some new crushed rock for our driveway. It was well past time to do this. After the rock delivery, I did the designated errand runner trip. I delivered some treats to the nursing home for my aunt, and got some groceries. I have used the pick up service for a long time, but now, they are all booked up for seven days out.

I was a little disheartened when I went in the store. With all the new guidelines for mitigating covid-19, it looked like A LOT of people didn’t get the message! In the middle of the afternoon, I saw MANY elderly people. Some of them had small children with them. I saw whole families out shopping, and groups of teens. There seems to be a great unknown that people are all treating differently. Will the worst of the pandemic pass over our community with limited effect? It is not worth taking a chance, to me. It looks like a lot of elderly people in our community need support, or they might just be stubborn or in disbelief.

After my errand running, I helped my dad assemble a daybed. My parents have been having a lot of trouble at night, and we needed a comfortable place to go if one of them can’t sleep, instead of waking each other up with lights and the tv.

One of my students’ mom contacted me today and asked if I could do a zoom meeting with her child. I was so happy to do this! It was really good to see my young friend.

It is hard to wrap my mind around the effects of the pandemic in our country. I try to keep up with the news and the numbers, which amounts to watching numbers grow exponentially. I see the horror in the cities that have hospitals that are overwhelmed. Yesterday, a nursing home employee tested positive just outside of our capital city, and today they had to transport 19 residents to hospitals. With my oldest daughter working at a nursing home, and my aunt being a resident, I am perhaps overly sensitive to the threat this poses to this fragile population.

Stay well, and stay home if you can!


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