Quarantine Day 12

Here we are ending day 12 of quarantine. I didn’t sleep too well, waking up when teen son ran through my room in the middle of the night. When it was actually time to get up, I started working on my list of chores and goals for the day. I did my designated errand runner trip to a local bakery to support them by getting a nice box of pastries.

I completed a set of five fabric face masks and two headbands for healthcare workers who now must wear face masks everyday. I saw the idea on social media, and thought I would give them a try. Here is the picture I saw…

I delivered the set to the nursing home where my daughter works. They are totally locked down. All deliveries are left outside on a table. A person retrieves the item once the deliverer has pulled away.

I tried to revive my sewing skills to make a doll dress. It didn’t quite work out as I planned, so it is just a prototype. I am determined to make a decent doll dress. Little AoA and I have some plans to make doll sets to give to our local domestic violence center for kids who are served there.

I stayed away from massive amounts of news today, only doing a brief check of the numbers, and noting news alerts on my phone.

I am starting to miss socializing. I don’t mind being home with the family, but I like going places with Little AoA. We are missing going to museums, shopping, and church. I miss seeing my coworkers and students. I think depression is trying to set in, but I will keep setting goals and push through….hoping it will pass.

Stay well and stay home if you can!


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