Quarantine Day 13

Tonight ends day 13 of the quarantined lifestyle. It is Sunday, so grandma, Little AoA and I had church via Facebook live this morning. I was really exhausted from comforting Little AoA into the early hours of the morning when some severe thunderstorms came through. The person speaking in the church service had a really soothing voice, and I dozed off. It reminded me that there is a place of calm in the storm.

I had a couple of outdoor goals today, and it was a beautiful sunny day! I pulled some weeds, and then went to the back porch to freshen it up. Just as I was about ready to start the leaf blower, the neighbors started having a giant verbal fight! I stayed on alert, waiting to make sure that it de-escalated. Emotions are tender everywhere, and people have perhaps had more time together than they are use to. Our family went through a lot as we first adjusted to multi-generational living and mental health issues. Gladly, that seems to be behind us now. The neighbor’s to my other side were playing a family yard game of corn hole.

The pandemic is hitting close to home now, and people I love are at great risk. My 32 year old daughter is a nurse at a local nursing home. Today, a nursing home just to our north was hit by COVID-19.

My daughter’s nursing home now has to wear face masks all the time if they interact directly with residents/patients. They also serve as a rehabilitation center, and must take on new patients who are being released from the hospital.

My daughter is the nurse in the middle. They are securely locked away from visitors other than healthcare workers. My daughter is immune compromised herself, so my mama bear within is strong right now.

I noticed on social media, that others are also concerned that people are not taking the cdc guidelines and our mayor and governor’s requests seriously. It reminds me of a situation where some peer pressure might be useful. It is a shame that in our state, the powers that be has failed to take action that would assist in mitigation. He is sure that everyone will rise to the occasion with just a suggestion. It would be great if they did, but they don’t.

Interestingly, everything is starting to bloom here. Everyone has started cutting their grass, and allergies abound. Sneezing is not acceptable now!

Stay well and stay home if you can!


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