Quarantine Day 15

Today, I learned, was Transgender Day of Visibility (#TDOV). I have recently been trying to learn as much as I can about LGBTQ issues. Working in a middle school, some students start questioning around the time they go through puberty. I had never really thought about the issues in this graphic. Having a supportive person can make a huge difference! Some of my most beloved friends over the years have been part of this community. I never thought about the discrimination and hate directed toward this community until I had friends share their stories. In an effort to support my friends, I started following a group called Free Mom Hugs, a group of loving people who are accepting of LGBTQ friends who may not have support in their families.

Today was also teen son’s 14th birthday! He doesn’t really like parties, or cake, or ice cream; but the rest of the family does! We had a little family party.

Of course, Little AoA needed a “party favor”. I found a doll set for taking care of a sick doll. It seemed timely.

Our state seems to be failing at slowing the spread of COVID-19. Our county is up to 15 now confirmed. People are still going out to socialize at the essential open stores. Our governor is holding back on putting a stay home order in place. He believes everyone will just do as requested, despite the outcry from healthcare professionals and residents. I have the whole month of April off for now. There is no consistency in efforts to do virtual school or create more home packets. This week would actually be spring break. There is no telling where this will go.

I found a few things that made me laugh today.

If Little AoA wasn’t terrified of animals, this would be a time I would really appreciate a furry friend. There are a few outdoor cats that hand around sometimes, but only one of them is friendly.

Stay safe, be kind, and stay home if you can!


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