Quarantine Day 17

Day 17 felt like about a week. I had some goals for today, but I got a little distracted when our state governor finally put us under a “Stay at Home” order. My family has been practicing this already, well…except that I bought some mulch for the yard (not essential). Our new order starts at midnight tonight. Hopefully more people will follow this for the next two weeks!

One thing Little AoA and I did today, was to deliver face masks and button headbands to my older daughter’s nursing home. We made cookies for the nurses who were working today, and Little AoA made a “Thank you” picture for each nurse. Here is the picture…

She spent about an hour working on this picture, and we made copies of it for cards.

We then made a delivery to my aunt at another nursing home, where she lives. I hope they don’t stop allowing us to drop off treats at the nursing home, but I understand if they do. This is such a fragile and vulnerable population to protect!

I am missing seeing my granddaughter now. This is about the longest we have gone without having her stay a night or weekend. I think she is missing us too, because she texted me tonight. Her birthday is in May, and she knows we shop on Amazon. She shared her wish list. Here she is with her mom….taken in October.

Our little town had to cancel our annual “Mule Days”, which would have been this week, with a parade on Saturday. This is usually a huge event here for our economy.

By the evening, I was helping Little AoA reorganize her doll clothes collection. She is a great little organizer!

To end the day, I probably laughed more than I should have at this…

Stay well, stay home if you can, and stay connected!


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