Quarantine Day 18

Day 18 of quarantine was pretty much a wash. Anxiety has been trying to take hold of me, and it is catching up with me now. I have had multiple nights of not sleeping well and waking up dreaming of being sick. My energy has been drained as we all just sit tight and watch as this invisible enemy takes life after life.

I went on an essential errand to the grocery store. Even that is risky these days. We keep hearing of employees at some of our grocery stores testing positive for COVID-19. The CDC has now advised everyone to wear masks when going into public to protect others, in case we may be asymptomatic. I wore my mask, and unfortunately, I choked on some air and started coughing in the store! Needless to say, I attracted attention which I didn’t want. It did make people stay far away from me. Here I am at the grocery store…

I watched the daily updates from our mayor and our governor. Our mayor seems to be very transparent and invested in our community. He is a realist, and I appreciate that a lot.

Little AoA and I worked in her doll area for a little while. We both got tired earlier than usual. I watched a new Pixar movie, “Onward”. It was really sweet and a little sad.

Little AoA finished another picture on the Lite Brite…

I love the fine motor skill practice!

May tomorrow be a little more productive.

Stay well, Stay home if you can, and check on your people❤️


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