Quarantine Day 20

Day 20 has come to an end. To be honest, it feels like we are in the calm before the storm. Our area is predicted to continue the COVID-19 trajectory and peak in the next two weeks. I may have learned something disturbing today about our hospital not testing all of the respiratory illnesses before sending them to rehab. I hope this is not true, but it seems likely. The numbers in our area have seemed relatively low, and it’s not that everyone has done a wonderful job of social distancing. My heart is heavy with the burden this has on our rehab centers, both patients and staff.

On a different note, today was Palm Sunday. My parents and I watched video church together in our living room. I am concluding that I am no more outgoing during online church than I am in person. I miss my friends and the hugs we share at church. I miss embarrassing Little AoA by whispering to her in church, or tapping along with the music.

I did the family essential errands alone. I wore my mask in every store I went in. Today, no one else was wearing masks except for the pharmacists. The thing about wearing a mask is that people don’t come near me. Why am I wearing a mask? No one really knows. The truth is, I am wearing a mask out of respect and concern for my neighbors. I wish they would do the same. I think people here don’t understand or believe the magnitude of this pandemic.

Little AoA and I attempted a puzzle today. She got frustrated with it once the edges were together, because the pieces weren’t laying down perfectly. She took it apart in frustration. She also did some guitar playing with Papa, and I did a piano lesson with her. I can tell that she misses her teachers now.

I went in the yard for a little while and did some weeding. I talked to my two oldest kids today, catching up on the news of the day. Tomorrow we start a puzzle challenge. My daughter and granddaughter got a new 500 piece puzzle. I am going to start my new puzzle tomorrow too, and we’ll see who finishes first!

Here are a few funnies for today. Laughter is the best medicine!

And finally, a beautiful flower for today! A local educator turned florist, is sharing these flower pictures everyday to cheer up the world….

Stay well, stay home if you can, and show kindness to others and yourself!


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