Quarantine Day 22

Day 22 of quarantine has come to an end. I hung some plastic eggs in a couple of our trees today. A lot of people are doing this so that families can go for drives and “hunt” Easter eggs. I got a little surprise when I went to one of the trees…

The mama bird returned to the nest and got a little annoyed with me! I stepped away and gave her some space!

I took Little AoA and grandma for a ride today on a toilet paper hunt. They stayed in the car while I put my mask on, and went into the big store. Good timing…they were fully stocked! I was really happy to strut out to my car with my golden find of toilet paper! I had put in an online order to pick up as well. The order wasn’t ready at my appointed time, and the clerk said they were working on 200 orders and they were way behind. I cancelled my order and went home. I will have to go out tomorrow to the store. None of our stores have the manpower to logistically keep up with the demand for curbside pick up. I was using it all the time before the pandemic with no problem. Now it seems there are no available times. It’s not as easy as it seems, so our medically fragile friends may really need help!

The isolation is getting to Little AoA now. She misses going to stores with me and going out to run errands with grandma. She has reverted to thumb sucking (she is 11). By this evening, I got her interested in making Easter treat bags for the nurses who work with big sister at the nursing home. I taught her how to draw a rabbit of some sort, and she drew one for each nurse.

I made a prototype mask fastener that I saw in a group. I like it, and had all the materials already, which is a plus. Here is the prototype…

Today I had to tell my granddaughter for the first time, that she couldn’t come to our house for the weekend. I know she is bored, and we want to see her too! It is too risky for the grandparents right now. With just me going to stores, the risk is high enough. Teen son is sure I’m going to bring COVID-19 home and we will all die. My 30 year old son is about the same, but kinder about it. I am putting together some Easter treats for my granddaughter (she is 13), and I will be able to drop them off without contact.

I saw one little thing that made me laugh, and reminded me of days past, raising chickens. One day I may try my hand at raising some yard chickens again…

They are having a ballet class!

…and here are the flowers of the day from our local florist…

Stay well, stay home if you can, and show kindness to a neighbor!


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