Quarantine Day 23

Today was quite a busy day of quarantine. I woke up to my mom telling me that she committed me to make 20 face masks for the nursing home where my aunt lives. Thankfully, I already had 10 cut and ready to sew. I outsourced another 10 through a Facebook group of people who are sewing face masks in my area.

As soon as I finished the face masks, it was time to zoom meet with one of my students. We talked, drew, and played a couple games. As soon as that ended, I had a virtual meeting with my counselor. I am so thankful to have someone to bounce around my ideas and worries with! As soon as that ended, it was into another zoom meeting with a different student. I am getting more comfortable doing these meetings. I helped my dad work on the lawnmower for a bit once all that was over.

Finally, it was time to go into the world as the family errand person. I delivered masks and treats for my aunt to the nursing home. I debated about where to shop, but settled on Walmart. I suited up in my mask and gloves, and braved the store. I was happy to see them wiping down carts and the workers wearing masks. More shoppers were wearing masks now than the last time I went out. It didn’t look like people were there socializing with their families. This gives me hope.

Our county is now at 29 cases. The mindset here is cautiously optimistic for now. It is predicted that the illness will peak around the 16th of April. Our state is predicted to have enough equipment in hospitals to meet the predicted need.

Here are some things that made me smile today. Laughter is the best medicine!

In case you’re not sure, the women are wearing house dresses- glorified pajamas.

Here is a sweet picture that Little AoA learned to draw today.

Finally, the flowers of the day…

Stay well, stay home if you can, and show kindness to a neighbor!


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